10 Tips for Finding a Christian Preschool For Your Kids

Do you want to send your child to a Christian preschool? No matter where you live, there are always faith-based programs. How do you select the best school for your child? Here are ten tips to consider.

1. Do They Have Like Faith? 

Finding a school that aligns with your religious views is essential. While the subject matter might not be substantial at a pre-school level, even the version of the Bible they use is important. If you use the King James Version and the school uses the NIV, it can be a conflict. Make sure their teaching aligns with your beliefs.

Know what translation of Scripture your potential school teaches.

2. Are the Teachers Certified? 

Teaching preschool was once a babysitting job. However, today’s schools have certified teachers on staff. Find out the teachers’ qualifications before you enroll your child. 

3. What Curriculum Do They Use? 

There are many different curriculums in the Christian education sector. Some schools, like this Christian preschool, teach Abeka while others use curriculum from School of Tomorrow, Alpha Omega, and Bob Jones University. 

4. Do They Have A K-12 Program Too? 

Many children become accustomed to the school and teachers. Find out if the school has a K-12 program that allows them to continue their education. 

5. Find Out the Student to Teacher Ratio

The average student to teacher ratio in a pre-school should be no more than ten children per teacher. Is this Christian pre-school observing these protocols? Preschool-aged children can be quite challenging to control, so these limits are important. 

6. Do They Provide Lunches? 

Many establishments provide lunch and snacks in their tuition rates. You won’t need to worry about packing, and possibly forgetting your child’s lunch if there is a cook on staff. 

7. Is the Tuition Average for The Area? 

Can you afford what they charge for pre-school? If they charge more than other schools in the area, then do they offer extras like providing lunch and extended pickup times?

8. Are the Teachers CPR/First Aid Trained?

The people who are watching over your children must be CPR and first aid trained. Everyone should be trained in these essential life-saving techniques.

9. Does the School Have Good Play Equipment? 

Does the pre-school have proper equipment both inside and out? Ask the school what their sanitizing routine is for indoor equipment as germs are rampant in these establishments.

10. Do Their Hours Work for Your Schedule?

You must know the drop-off and pickup times match your schedule. You want a school that has hours that accommodate you should you need to stay late or go to work early.

Not all Christian preschools offer full-day programs. Make sure the preschools your exploring will work with your schedule.

Finding a Christian pre-school is not tricky. Make sure that the teachers are well trained and can handle any situation. Plus, you want to make sure the people teaching your children are Christians and use a faith-based curriculum that aligns with your views.

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