Tips for Hiring Local Chicago Movers You Can Trust

You’re planning on moving, and you’ve decided to hire professional movers to transport your possessions to your new home safely. There are so many moving companies you can choose to do business with today. How do you decide which one to choose? Use these tips to help you find a moving company in Chicago you can trust.


Get Recommendations from People You Know

Ask the people you know for recommendations. The Art of Happy Moving recommends crowdsourcing your Facebook friends. People will tell you the good and the bad there. You can also ask for your neighbors’ opinions on social networking sites like Nextdoor. Asking your realtor for recommendations is also a good idea; she likely knows the best in the industry.


Verify Credentials

Check out the business’s profile on the Better Business Bureau and the American Moving and Storage Association websites. The customer reviews on these sites will be informative. You can view customer complaints on the Better Business Bureau or by using the movers search tool on the Department of Transportation website. 


The Better Business Bureau asserts you should ask for proof of the company’s licenses and insurance. You’ll want to hire a company with Workers’ Compensation insurance. This will raise the cost of doing business, but Workers’ Compensation insurance protects you against claims if someone is injured while on your premises. 


Consider hiring a mover certified by the American Moving and Storage ProMover Program. This program subjects all movers to a background check and holds them to high standards. 


Get Written Documentation

Cheap Chicago Movers recommends getting at least three written in-home estimates from moving companies. You should be wary of companies who want to give you an estimate online or over the phone without having assessed your home in person. While a representative of the company is at your home, ask if there will be additional charges for things like stairs and dissembling and assembling furniture. Any reputable company should give you a written breakdown of all the costs. The company should also provide you with the date your possessions will be loaded into the truck, as well as the estimated time they’ll arrive at your new destination.


Understand whether the company is charging by the hour or by weight. Many moving companies will charge for the time it takes to complete a move when you’re moving locally. 


You should be wary of any company that gives you an abnormally low estimate. Additionally, Consumer Reports asserts a reputable moving company shouldn’t require a deposit that’s more than 20% of the total estimated cost. 


Review the Contract

Take the time you need to thoroughly read through and review the contract before you sign on the dotted line. Ask the moving company about anything you haven’t already discussed and agreed upon. Don’t sign the contract until you feel fully informed and comfortable doing so. Don’t let a company rush you to sign before you’re ready. 


Choosing a moving company can be challenging these days with all the available options. Using these tips, you can find a reputable moving company you can trust with the task of getting your belongings to your new home.

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