Having as much information about education in Chicago, IL, as possible, will make your move easier and help your kids make a smooth transition into their new home. This guide serves as a starting point to make sure your small or large family relocates and settles successfully. Read on for what you can do to prepare for working, studying, and living in the Chicago area.

Evaluate your family’s needs

Public K-12 schools in the Chicago, IL area, grouped under the Chicago Public Schools District (CPS), focus on helping all students reach their potentials and accomplish their goals. If you have kids who will be starting school or continuing primary school, it is a good idea to research the schools that are located near your future home and list all your questions as you browse online. Once this list of items is complete, give the school a call and request to speak with an administrator who can answer them.

Special education and accommodations for older students

The Office of Diverse Learner Supports is focused on guiding all students to achieve to their full potential while making sure that parents continue to be involved in their child’s education. It includes finding out which school serves your specific area and how to start setting up an IEP for your student if needed. The district serves students with and without disabilities in preschool, K-8, and 9-12 throughout its more than 400 small schools with low teacher to student ratios.

Programs include:

  • before and after school programs
  • academic and enrichment programs
  • homeschooling program for students 7-17 years of age
  • summer learning programs
  • literacy for all abilities
  • service-learning programs that combine serving the community and academics
  • early education programs

Older students will find strive in Chicago

Any necessary accommodations for students in middle school and high school use the LRE (Least Restrictive Environment) placement. You can discuss one of the many education programs being offered with a school official by calling before you move. Consider reading more about Alternative Learning Opportunities Program (ALOP) for students aged 17-21 who need more individualized plans for completing high school. Also, take a look at the various programs that aim to help talented students further develop their skills.

Career training and job resources

The CPS has many departments, including an Early College & Career Education Department, which serves residents of the Chicago, Illinois area by helping high school students, college students of all ages, and those seeking a job or technical training. Fields of study include:

  • Computer science
  • Culinary arts
  • Personal care services
  • Manufacturing and engineering
  • Media and communication
  • Health science

You can enroll in one of the many job training programs to hone existing job skills or branch out in a new career while your child works to reach their potential in academics, social skills, and so much more.

Regardless of your family’s makeup or lifestyle, Chicago is where you can start a fresh new life in an apartment in the heart of the large city or a house in the quiet suburbs.